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Worship JESUS Radio aka WORSHIP HIM-FM 103.5 was created with one goal in mind- taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world via radio!

We are already streaming online, but now we need the help of the Body of Christ to finish building-out our local studio with transmitter site in  Suffolk, Virginia! The funds will be utilized to purchase the hardware and equipment to build a radio studio and transmitter site.

You can help us by donating to the GoFundJesus! Campaign today!


It’s simple to do your part.

Take 10 minutes to give $10, and then ask 10 friends to give $10!

Get your church involved! Ask your church to donate $100!

Help take the Gospel around the world today, by donating to our campaign! Donate Now, and challenge 10 friends on your social network pages to do the same!

Thank you for helping us fulfill the Great Commission by taking the Gospel to every tongue and nation!

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

Apostle Dr. Prince F. Johnson, General Manager
Worship Jesus Radio

Share the joy and spirit of Worship Jesus Radio!

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