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Public Service Announcement Submission Form


How to Submit a Public Service Announcement to Our Stations

Public Service Announcements (also known as PSAs) are available free of charge  only to station approved Judeo-Christian churches, schools, community organizations or various non-profit organizations to promote an event of community interest.

Announcements are not guaranteed to broadcast at any specific time or a certain number of times.

Please take special note of the fact that PSAs are broadcast on a space-available basis only.

Public Service Announcements must be submitted in writing by the requesting organization. Station personnel is not responsible for script-writing.

Further, free PSAs are provided with the understanding that you are not engaging in paid advertising in any other media. If you desire proof of airing and scheduled announcements for your event, we are able to offer underwriting campaign packages for your cause or event. In that case, please contact the station office to schedule an appointment.

If you are new to submitting PSAs, and require tips on how to increase the likelihood of your content airing on our stations, please download our Public Service Announcement Policies for helpful instructions.

Thank you.


To submit a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to Worship Jesus Radio and Worship HIM-FM 103.5, please fill out this form and click SUBMIT.* Indicates Response Required

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